Recreational Programs


Recreational Program Overview

Caledon Academy of the Arts is very excited to be sharing their first season in Caledon East!
Offering classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Musical Theatre.
Ages ranging from 2.5 years to Adult, classes will run from September until June with a Year-End Recital.

Styles of Dance


Acro develops strength, flexibility and balance throughout the entire body while also combining the dance styles and technique to enhance artistic illusions.  Classes are hands on and divided by age and ability so that students can focus on developing their technique safely and to ensure that proper alignment and muscle development are attained.


Jazz is a fun and energetic class where students can develop their flexibility, coordination and technique with current dance styles and music selections.  Classes consist of a warm up, across the floor and a combination.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.  Classes are divded by age so that students can focus on developing and learning are their appropriate developmental level.  Classes focus on developing technique, musicality and performing skills.

musical theatre

Musical Theatre is a great class for the student who wants it all, music, dance and acting!  Students will learn different dance styles, developing their technique to be paired with lip syncing and acting to tell the story!  Students will be focusing on musical song choices from both classic all time favourites to the newer most recent broadway hits!

hip hop

Hip Hop is a high energy and fun dance form - classes are divided by age and a perfect place to start for any beginners.  Classes consist of warm up, across the floor and a stylized combination.


Tap helps to develop musicality, rhythm and precision.  Classes are divided by age to ensure proper technique and steps are learned at the appropriate levels of muscle development in the student.



These classes are geared towards little ones, ages 2-3 yrs, who would like to
explore dance without the full year & recital commitment.
Creative Movement works on developing the fine and gross motor skills, personal and general space, and introduces dance terminology and technique in fun and creative ways.
These classes will be 45 mins in duration and running in 6 or 8 week sessions.
The perfect way to begin your little ones dance journey!